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3D Shoes app and the world of custom footwear

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The more scans we have in the cloud for purchasing custom shoes the less size issue returns from shoes purchased online will result. Less returns, less costs to the company, less costs to the consumer, less costs to the environment” said Michael Mazzotta, Business Development manager and Founder at 3DShoes.com
Read the article to discover what Michael Mazzotta and 3D Printing Industries said about 3D Shoes app powered by Right Shoes and the world of custom footwear.

3D Shoes launches its first mobile app for scanning and storing customers’ feet

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3D shoes

3D Shoes, the world’s most recognizable e-commerce platform for 3D printing, manufacturing and knitting of shoes and shoes accessories, has choosen Right Shoes to power its mobile app.

3D Shoes app is the first existing app able to give you your personalized 3D printed shoes without worrying anymore about shoe size.

The app is now available on the App Store and will turn your iPhone or iPad into a mobile 3D scanning device.

IMG_0317IMG_03163D Model

Read the article to discover our partnership or visit 3DShoes.com website.

What we do for shoes, and why the others do not know how to do it

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We noted that on the subject of the so-called ” Fitting of Shoes ” there is total confusion in the technical press powered by improvised experts that make a great confusion between what regards the aid offered to customers for buying, without a physical try, cloths and a pair of shoes, which are completely different worlds .

It is obvious that those who feed this confusion do it for two reasons:

• No previous knowledge and competence of how shoes are designed and produced;

• Pathetic commercial attempt to brag knowledge and technologies that are far from the practical reality of things.

Before explaining how we do we would like to give you some objective information about distorted statements that competitors use to try to compare completely different methodologies in the technical aspects and  in practical results:

• Without knowing the actual measures of the two feet of the consumer, as a starting point for any form of comparison, no answer sensibly reliable can be given about how a pair of shoes can contain volumes comfortably. Denying this evidence demonstrates a total ignorance of the whole world of the foot and the shoe.

• The real 3D acquisition of the foot has been used since years exclusively in the orthopedics field and the machines used for this purpose, bulky and expensive, do not represent a viral solution that allows everyone, in every corner of the world, and anytime at zero cost, to have a final acquisition of 3D measurements of the right foot and left foot, which are known to be different .

• We are not aware that today, somewhere in the world someone has made ​​accurate 3D acquisition systems of a foot with a smartphone or web cam because, unlike the measures of the body, the 3D acquisition of the two feet requires great precision and very sophisticated technologies that are not available to everyone.

• There is no one before us, with seriousness and competence, that has followed the path of the comparison of the feet of the consumer with the 3D volume of the shoe lasts on which the shoes are made because the algorithms with which the shoe lasts are designed and developed in sizes are very complex and reserved competence of an Italian company called Newlast, with whom we cooperate exclusively on this topic.

• Thinking to suggest the best size for a consumer willing to purchase a new pair of shoes of any brand and any model, based on a pair of shoes already purchased and tested previously is an absurdity so great and lacking of technical fundamentals as to verge on the ridiculous. Only those unfamiliar with the process of shoes production can, for a few seconds , think that in this matter there is a way. It would be like saying that after having tasted and enjoyed an apple someone has the claim to suggest, with reasonable certainty, what other kind of fruit I like. By what percentage would be the right answer?

What we do:

Our approach starts from years of real experience in the field, result of close collaboration with Newlast, first company in the world to have invented and produced software and CNC equipment for the design and production of shoe lasts since 1996.

Before Newlast, shoe lasts for footwear were built from pieces of wood that the skilled hands of modelers were working to derive comfortable models and in line with the stylistic needs of the various Brand.

Once the basic model was ready, the grading development above and below was made ​​on mechanical copiers, that for their rigid construction characteristics, were altering the lines and the comfort of the basic model. For this reason it was necessary that the modelers then manually intervene to correct the most obvious errors in all sizes.

The later stages of production in large volumes, always carried on mechanics copiers, introduced errors and inaccuracies no longer corrected but tolerated. For this reason it would often happen to choose a size that did not correspond to our usual standard. In conclusion, the sizing adopted by various Brands had only one indicative purpose to identify a size from the other, but without any reference to the volumetric standard universally recognized .

With the advent of Newlast technology and with the computerization of shoe lasts and 3D volumes, size development methods have been standardized for the various Brand and today, as a basic model, the Newlast algorithms know how to calculate all the upper and lower sizes keeping the standard of the basic model.

From this technological knowledge was born RIGHT SHOES project.

To close the circle we needed to have the 3D volumes of the consumers’ feet to be able to make a true mathematical comparison between the internal volume of a shoe, calculated from the volume of the shoe last on which the shoe is constructed in all its sizes, and the real volume of consumer’s feet, right and left with all its imperfections.

Years of work have allowed us to develop a complex platform that, at disposal of any footwear manufacturer or retailer, gives a real opportunity to suggest to the consumer the best size for each model considering the type of shoes, the materials of which it is composed, the heel height and any other design and construction feature.

For the viral detection of the feet of every consumer in the world, we have developed the first and only application for smartphones that allows anyone, comfortably at home, to get a scan size and volume of the two feet, and to incorporate them into the RIGHT SHOES web portal. At that moment a real comparison with any shoe in the system can be done.

This feet data base is a very useful tool for different Brands that can obtain statistical information on the feet morphology in every area of ​​the world in order to continuously improve the fitting of their models.

We can say that the RIGHT SHOES system, taking into account that some consumers have personal habits on the comfort of the shoe, answers 90% of the questions correctly, as desired by the consumer. In the remaining 10 % of cases, a self-learning system is constantly improving the consumer experience aiming to a total and complete satisfaction of each one individual needs.

In conclusion and in consideration of the above, it seems really ridiculous that there is someone who believes he can solve the same problem simply by comparing the internal volume of the shoe bought in a  supermarket with the one he hypothetically would like to buy, whether it is a running shoe, elegant evening shoe, with a low heel or 12 heel.

Right Shoes Services

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Many think at Right Shoes as innovative web service to recommend the right size to the consumer. This service is the “heart” of our system, but there is more … much more.

We have built around the world Right Shoes a number of very important and value added services at no additional costs:

  • Availability of data on the comparisons made on the various shoe models. Most selected shoe models  and most suggested size.
  • Availability of Right Shoes users feet measures.
  • Customized interface for shops to be able to use the service live.
  • Management requests of made to measure shoes, speed up and shoot down borders thanks to a direct connection between producer and consumer.
  • Private area where you can find the feet scanned and users data from your own scanner network.
  • Enable function for AUTHORIZED reseller to let them use the Right Shoes widget, and monitor their performance.

Right Shoes is then detailed data analysis, users data collection, marketing tools even before a sale is finalized….. all in one package!

Piede forma scarpa? Meglio in 3D

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As we can see from the attached image, it is not just us talking about the 3D foot as a crucial element, not just us to argue that the size of a shoe is determined by the shoe last on which it has been built on!
From the birth of  Right Shoes we have supported this basic and essential concept, foot and shoe last are key elements to suggest the correct size of a shoe. Other solutions are only approximations aimed more to marketing purposes rather than aiming to solve the problem.
This document has been reported in the section “find your shoe size” of one of the most famous and popular e-commerce portals for the sale of shoes online.

“As the foot is a three-dimensional element, any two-dimensional measuring tool, such as a ruler or the classic Brannok, can only approximate your real and true shoe size. Please also be advised that manufacturers use different shoe lasts to construct their shoes, and therefore sizing may vary accordingly. “

Come vediamo dall’immagine allegata, non siamo solo noi a parlare del 3D del piede come elemento determinante, non siamo solo noi a sostenere che la taglia di una scarpa è data della FORMA sulla quale viene costruita !

E dalla nascita dell’idea Right Shoes che noi lo sosteniamo, il piede e la forma sono gli elementi chiave per suggerire la taglia corretta di una calzatura. Altre soluzioni costituiscono solo delle approssimazioni finalizzate piu’ al marketing che alla risoluzione del problema.
Estratto che viene riportato nella sezione “trova il tuo numero di scarpe” di uno tra i più noti e diffusi portali e-commerce per la vendita delle calzature online.

“Poiché il piede è tridimensionale, ogni strumento di misura bidimensionale, come un righello o il classico Brannok, può solo approssimare il vostro vero numero di scarpe. Vi informiamo inoltre che i produttori utilizzano forme diverse per costruire le loro scarpe e la numerazione può variare di conseguenza.”

1° RightShoes Golf Trophy

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Si è svolto martedì 13 Agosto presso il Golf Engadin Club Zuoz-Madulain l’atteso torneo “RightShoes.ch Golf Trophy”. Notevole la partecipazione dei  giocatori che in più di 100 hanno gareggiato per aggiudicarsi i premi speciali messi in palio dal brand “Il Gergo” e da Right Shoes.

Grande soddisfazione per il team Right Shoes che ha organizzato un evento nell’evento, bella la location e l’atmosfera tra i magnifici green e la cornice di montagne dell’Engadina. Per tutta la giornata sono stati scansionati i piedi dei partecipanti alla  gara, questi “giocatori/utenti” entrano quindi a far parte del circuito Right Shoes, avendo la possibilità di collegarsi al portale www.rightshoes.ch per vedere e provare le calzature virtualmente proprio con i loro piedi!

Come sapete, grazie alla tecnologia Right Shoes, una volta “inseriti” i propri piedi in modo del tutto gratuito, presso uno scanner point e presto anche attraverso una applicazione per smarthphone, viene suggerito il numero migliore, confrontandoli con le forme utilizzate per costruire le scarpe.

 Guarda tutte le foto dell’evento sulla nostra pagina Facebook!


La gallery completa la trovi qui!

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