Right Shoes Services

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Many think at Right Shoes as innovative web service to recommend the right size to the consumer. This service is the “heart” of our system, but there is more … much more.

We have built around the world Right Shoes a number of very important and value added services at no additional costs:

  • Availability of data on the comparisons made on the various shoe models. Most selected shoe models ¬†and most suggested size.
  • Availability of Right Shoes users feet measures.
  • Customized interface for shops to be able to use the service live.
  • Management requests of made to measure shoes, speed up and shoot down borders thanks to a direct connection between producer and consumer.
  • Private area where you can find the feet scanned and users data from your own scanner network.
  • Enable function for AUTHORIZED reseller to let them use the Right Shoes widget, and monitor their performance.

Right Shoes is then detailed data analysis, users data collection, marketing tools even before a sale is finalized….. all in one package!

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