How footwear e-commerce can reduce online returns with Right Shoes

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As everyone knows, e-commerce is growing fast. Serenza and Zalando are actually the two biggest e-commerce portals achieving resounding success. From 2007 till now, they have a 15% growth rate year and their goal is to increase and invest in customer services, among which returns policies.

Reduce the returns amount is a great thing, especially if you deal with fashion and footwear e-commerce which have a higher returns volume (30%), often due to the wrong size.

But what if  footwear industry would not only reduce returns, but also find a new innovative way to help online shoppers find the right size?

Right Shoes is the solution to the biggest challenge in footwear e-commerce!

Customers can’t physically experience the product until it is delivered. If a shopper orders the same size for every shoe on the market, this would be wrong about 45% of time. Inserting Right Shoes widget in their e-commerce, Brands or retailers can integrate a preventive reverse logistics, reducing their returns rate drastically. Clicking on the widget, users launch the size suggestion service, that shows them the most suitable size to select for each Brand or model available in the system. The tool, in that way, will inspire confidence to customers during the buying process and will increase their loyalty, when they receive shoes that fit properly.

Read how Right Shoes service works and how decrease returns

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