How to find the best shoes size with Right Shoes

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During your shopping you may have notice that every brand uses different size charts and measures for the shoes production. The numbers and how them fit change not only from Brand to Brand, but also from one model to another. For that reason, it’s common that the running or trekking shoes number is different from a man’s dress shoe or a woman’s heeled shoe.

So, how can you buy shoes online avoiding problems and without trying them on? Choose one of these two methods and follow some simple steps after you sign-in in Right Shoes.

Right Shoes App

Download the Right Shoes app on the app store and upload your feet into Right Shoes platform. Convert your devices into professional scanners. The photo scan procedure needs precision and accuracy. In this way you’ll obtain a better 3D reconstruction then self-measure and you’ll have of numerous advantages. For any doubt get assistance by the guide that appears on your display.

4 simple steps to find your shoe size


Don’t you own an iPad or iPhone? You can then make the self-measure. Take a paper, a pen and a ruler. Outline your foot. Once you have measured the foot length and width, upload your feet data into the system.

Now you are ready not only to purchase shoes online without worrying anymore about shoes size, but also you’ll be able to launch the size suggestion service and find the size that fit you most for every future purchasing. Visit our shop window.

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