Egyptian, Roman or Greek foot.. which category do you belong to?


PiediNot everyone can wear the same pair of shoes, this is because everyone has a characteristic and different shape foot (often the left foot has a different shape and size than the right).
Usually, feet can be classified into three different types.

The Egyptian foot is the most common in Italy and is characterized by toes with decreasing length, from big toe to little toe. Who has this shape should ensure a proper space to the big toe and choose shoes for shoes with comfortable toe-end , but close – fitting to the heel.

The front of the Roman foot is a bit squat and wide. The first three toes are of the same length, while the others usually are smaller. In that case pointed shoes, shoes too tight and in general those with high heels aren’t recommended, because they push forward the forefoot, reducing the space in the extremity and causing the rubbing of the upper on the toes skin.

The Greek foot, also called model foot, is considered the most likable shape aesthetically speaking. Who has the greek foot can wear, longer than others, pointed shoes and with high heels footwear, because toes have enough space thereby they don’t overlap each other or shrink.

The name of Egyptian, Greek and Roman feet come apparently from the shape of the sails of their ancient vessers. To these shapes can be added, although less common, the germanic shape, characterized by the wide plant and the Celtic one, which is more slender and longer.

… and which category do you belong to?

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  1. ReplyTommie Bryan
    Thanks for sharing this information. It's always difficult to find the perfect shoes. But if we spent some time on the internet, then we can find best designer shoes online.
  2. ReplyTania
    I clearly have an Egyptian feet and rather fine ones, I should say. Wide-ish at the front and narrow at the back. I have a lot of trouble finding a BRAND of shoe that will fit, whether for formal wear or leisure wear. Are there any specialist firms who produce shoes that actually follow this shape. I don't want the very pointed shoes that are fashionable at the moment. Nor do I want shoes that push my big toe to the middle. I want a shoe that allow my big toe to point straight forward and thus avoid a bunion. Baring sandals I have hardly ever come across a shoe that is not a 'clod-hopper' that is shaped as the human foot is supposed to be. Do you have any suggestions?

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